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Great Healthlinks is a community-driven blogger platform I created for fellow health bloggers, health enthusiasts, fitness freaks etc. If you wish to be part of this community and want to contribute, please follow the Guest Posting Guidelines mentioned below.

Article Length: I believe, for a good and well informative article, article length should be minimum 500+ words, which is why I do not accept articles less than 500 words anymore.

Article Topic: Article Topic should be related to fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health, disease, and exercise. Out of topic articles will be rejected immediately without any intimation.

Make Reader Friendly: Format your post by giving headings, subheadings, and give bold fonts for key sentences. Use bullet points wherever necessary.

Copyright: Please do not submit any guest post copied from another blog. I will never publish any such article.

Comment: Once your article is published, it may receive quite a few comments. Please try to answer them as this will lead to more exposure of your article

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